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Surprise clients or colleagues with a set of stylish plant-based products for the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. Healthy products which are produced locally offer a premium experience that will be highly appreciated.


For orders of over 24 or more of the same item, you can contact us directly as a company and enjoy business purchase prices. If desired, we can also provide gift packaging to add the finishing touch to your presents. For orders of over 1000 items the packaging can be printed with the company logo or a personalised message. We can also print your logo on our bottles. The latter is on condition that your company philosophy fits with that of RainPharma.

Getting to know each other? You are always welcome at our Flagship Store or at our head office in Leuven for an initial introduction.

More than 500 items? We’re also happy to come to you to make you a personalised offer.

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RainPharma is made in Belgium. Both the production and the development of products is carried out in Belgium by a multidisciplinary team of top experts.


Our products are healthy for people and healthy for the environment. Plant-based face and body treatments and orthomolecular nutritional supplements.


We are not interested in hocus-pocus ingredients and exaggerated claims, and we keep our products affordable without compromising quality or efficiency.


A lot of passion goes into our products and we sincerely hope that you will take as much pleasure in using them as we do in making them. Be proud. Buy Local.

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Send an email to together with your company details and the products you are interested in, or use the contact form below. You can also give us your budget for a promotional gift. We’ll get to work on it straight away.

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