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The RainPharma diet is 100% ‘made in Belgium’ and represents a healthy, all-in-one approach.

The RainPharma diet is an efficient weight-loss programme consisting of healthy eating, RainPharma nutritional supplements and our unique RainPharma Shakes, supported by professional nutritional advice from a dietician or certified nutritional consultant. What sets this programme apart is its effective, motivating start (excess weight begins to melt off early in the programme), which is complemented by RainPharma’s balanced, long-term philosophy.

RainPharma’s programme enables you to lose weight responsibly without undermining your body’s strength or feeling hungry. It is gentle for the digestive system and the kidneys. The RainPharma diet makes it easy to maintain your ideal weight. It is a diet that stands up to scrutiny whether you aim to lose 3 kilos or 30.

What distinguishes this diet from traditional protein diets? 

Protein diets remain extremely popular thanks to the quick results they produce. While we appreciate the motivational effects of rapid results, we also believe that the composition of some diets and the short-term thinking of their producers leaves something to be desired, and that is why we developed the RainPharma diet. To date, the RainPharma diet is the only healthy alternative that produces lasting results with no risks for your kidneys or your general health. RainPharma shakes are specially formulated to be free from gluten and casein, and they are particularly easy on the digestive system. Moreover, the RainPharma diet programme and its unique orthomolecular nutritional supplements produce a healthy energy boost and help improve skin tone. At every stage of the diet, the emphasis is on healthy nutrition.

The RainPharma diet is not just a weight-loss programme, but above all a philosophy for life!

How does the RainPharma diet work?

The diet starts with a one-hour intake session during which you receive complete information on all products as well as the RainPharma diet box containing the products and a recipe book. Following this you will be ready to start the programme. The session also includes a detailed discussion of every aspect of the initial phase of the diet: the daily schedule, an overview of which vegetables to eat and which to avoid, information on meat and fish and the best times to eat them, when to drink the shakes and how many to drink. We also cover options for both dining out and holiday eating. An initial-stage weight and fat analysis is also part of the session. After the first ten days on the diet, you return for another weight and fat analysis.

Once you have almost reached your ideal weight – within a maximum of 12 weeks – you begin the next phase of the diet and gradually resume a more ordinary, healthy pattern of eating. There are different guidelines for this transitional period, and weight is checked every second week. After a maximum of 9 weeks you have returned to a stable weight. Now the emphasis is on maintaining healthy eating patterns and sticking to firm guidelines that will help you maintain your new weight.


1. How much does the initial phase cost?

To begin the RainPharma diet you will need a diet box, which contains all the products you need for a successful start. The box contains RainPharma products worth about € 500, but the price also includes free coaching throughout the entire diet period worth an additional € 500. However, you pay only € 450 for the entire package consisting of the box and a full year of coaching. This means that you benefit greatly at the start of the diet! Starting with a box that contains all of the required products helps prevent people from embarking on a diet impulsively or without being fully motivated. After all, beginning a diet requires careful consideration, and the more people who do so, the better that reflects on us.

2. How much do the further phases cost?

That depends on your individual situation and weight-loss goal, as they will determine how many of our products you will continue to use. You will need more at the beginning of the process, but significantly fewer as the diet progresses.

3. What else can I eat?

In the beginning you will need to avoid bread and pasta (carbohydrates), but you can continue to eat vegetables, meat, fish and eggs regularly. How long this phase lasts depends on how much weight you aim to lose, but it will never be more than 12 weeks. In the second phase you can eat anything you like except candy. And in the third phase you only need to remember a few simple guidelines in order to maintain your new weight. During the intake interview you will receive a handy booklet with convenient and delicious recipes – so good you may even forget you are on a diet!

4. Will the weight stay off for good?

The human body is a living organism. If you have your teeth whitened but continue to smoke, they will lose their sparkle again. If you have a pedicure and then neglect your feet, your calluses will come back. Weight loss works on the same principle. If you go back to an unhealthy eating pattern, you should expect to regain some weight. There is just no way around that. By the way, did you know that it can take your body up to a year to get used to a new, healthy weight? That is why we offer a year’s worth of coaching at your ideal weight. This coaching is included in the price of our products, and you will not have to pay for any additional services. We prefer to keep you under our wing for a full year for best results.

5. What does it matter which diet I choose?

Every history teacher studies the same facts, but you might still prefer one to the other. Just like you prefer to take your car to a particular garage. Dieting is just the same. Before you start it is important to have an introductory chat with a consultant to see how you get along and to find out if he or she is the best person for you. Moreover, there are a number of criteria for determining whether you are getting the service you deserve:

  • do you get a full 60 minutes of information during the first meeting?
  • Do you start with a Rain Diet box? Is the box sealed?
  • Can the consultant answer all of your critical questions satisfactorily?
6. Do I really need the coaching?

It’s a free country, and anyone can purchase RainPharma products. However, the Rain Diet has some specific rules, and even if you follow them you may not still lose weight as you hope. That is when you will want someone to help you find out why, and to help you get back on track. We know from experience that going it alone usually means getting less out of the programme than you could.

7. Is it a good diet?

Of course, we at RainPharma are absolutely enthusiastic about the Rain Diet, but that is to be expected. We honestly believe it is a good diet. It is not a protein diet in the strictest sense, nor a carbohydrate-free diet, nor a crash diet, simply an effective blend of traditional dieting knowledge and updated insights. Moreover, the initial phase of the diet is highly motivating thanks to its rapid weight-loss results. For this reason, even objective observers would agree that the RainPharma diet offers both a beneficial quick start and long-term stability.

8. Can’t I just get more exercise, or watch what I eat?

Of course. Everyone agrees that exercise and balanced nutrition are the foundations of healthy weight maintenance. However, what if you are a few kilos over a healthy weight? Many people simply turn to diet bars, juice detoxes or low-fat products. These are not always healthy choices, and it is easy to gain back the same amount of weight – or more. The RainPharma diet is not the world’s one and only weight-loss diet. But it is a solid, encouraging programme for achieving a healthy weight.

9. Should I consult my doctor first?

We cannot require you to do so, but we definitely think you should. A general blood test and a chat with your GP can confirm that you are in good shape physically and mentally. Of course, it is handy to refer your doctor to the RainPharma website to become familiar with our programme, and he or she can always contact us with any specific questions. Furthermore, if you compare your initial blood results with others taken later, both you and your doctor will see just how much your health has improved.

10. Is there an easier version of this diet?

For people who are not quite ready to commit to the full programme, we have developed the Smart Nutrition Project, a very simple and affordable version of the original Rain Diet. The motto of this project is ‘every little thing counts when it comes to healthy weight’. This version of the diet is beneficial for people who want to lose two or three kilos before a holiday, for example. The only thing to remember is that this is not the full Rain Diet.

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1. Protein diets are bad for your kidneys

The body can process 20g to 30g of protein in a three-hour cycle, and the kidneys deal with the excess. Proteins are very large molecules and the kidneys have to work hard to process them in excess amounts. This is not a problem when it happens occasionally, but doing so repeatedly over a long period can cause serious damage. Many protein diets ignore this, and using special diet products without proper guidance can also cause problems. The RainPharma diet limits the protein in RainPharma shakes to 20g per shake, with only one shake recommended per three-hour period. This is plenty to maintain muscle mass while preventing strain on the kidneys. All in all, the RainPharma diet is less stressful for the kidneys than the average daily eating pattern of most Belgians, for whom a 250g steak, which contains 50g of protein, is a foundation of a gourmet lifestyle. From that perspective, the RainPharma diet is not a protein diet but rather a protein-frequent diet.

2. Diets teach people nothing about healthy eating

Traditional protein diets focus mainly on shedding weight quickly. Their claim is that the kilos will drop off thanks to nutritional products which are in fact not really nutritious and do not belong in a healthy diet: pizza, ready-made meals, biscuits and low-calorie snack bars. And once at an ideal weight, most people simply slide back into their old, unhealthy eating patterns, so weight piles back on. This is why the RainPharma diet’s second and third phases are so effective. During these phases a trained consultant is on hand to help you understand healthy eating. He or she will provide healthy recipes, tips and advice for at home – in short, everything you need to keep up healthy eating habits on your own. The RainPharma diet will help you learn everything you need to know to face the future in good health and at a healthy weight.

3. Weight comes back even quicker after a strict diet

This is absolutely true. After a stringent, highly restrictive diet the body has learned to use energy more efficiently. Once you reach your ideal weight and return to your pre-diet eating habits you will regain weight, and that is perfectly normal even if you eat only the healthiest of foods. This is one of the reasons that the RainPharma diet includes a transitional phase during which you shift slowly from diet foods to ordinary foods over a period of nine weeks. There are a number of advantages to this. On the one hand, you learn about healthy eating step by step. On the other hand, the body is given time to readjust to having more energy input, which helps avoid putting weight back on. The transition phase enables you to maintain your ideal weight.

4. I will lose muscle mass as a result of stringent, calorie-restrictive dieting

Almost every diet results in the loss of some muscle mass, since the body extracts energy from all of its reserves, including muscles. RainShakes help prevent this, since a protein-rich diet protects muscle mass. It is important that the body absorbs enough protein to protect muscle mass entirely, but no so much that the kidneys are overworked.

The less energy the body takes from muscles, the more it will have to take from fat. And that is precisely what you want to lose when getting rid of those unhealthy excess kilos!

5. Eating too little causes serious vitamin deficiencies

True. Given that our ‘normal’ eating patterns are often inadequate to provide the complete range of necessary vitamins and minerals at sufficient levels, how could a diet do so? This is why the RainPharma diet includes orthomolecular nutritional supplements, with Daily Boost and Mighty Night as the cornerstones. Not only do they help reverse vitamin and mineral deficiencies, they also provide extra nourishment for skin, hair and nails. However, that is not all they do. Losing a lot of weight too quickly can damage health. For example, toxins stored in fat are released when that fat burns off. During rapid weight loss the body needs plenty of help to deal with toxins. RainPharma nutritional supplements were developed to help the body cope with toxins and ensure that losing weight is always a healthy process, even when it happens quickly. This is another reason that people find it easier to maintain their ideal weight after finishing the RainPharma diet compared to traditional protein diets.

6. A diet that replaces foods with special products is unhealthy

This is the main reason that the RainPharma diet limits replacement products to powdered shakes. The diet sector is highly competitive, and there are ‘light’ or ‘diet’ versions of virtually every food. However, these products are often no more beneficial for dieting than the foods they are based on, and they are certainly not healthier. Traditional protein diets have more replacement foods than any other diets, and these products are often lower in carbohydrates but contain added protein. Drastically altering the nature of products in this way requires various stabilisers, colourants, flavourings and other additives to keep the product looking and tasting good. RainPharma uses shakes supplemented with ordinary fresh vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. Why eat a powered omelette when fresh eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions all work perfectly well in a diet? Moreover, real foods do not require preservatives.

7. Diets are too low in fibre and cause constipation.

Protein diets and other diets are designed around the idea of strongly restricting carbohydrate intake. Because fibre is also made up of carbohydrates (in a form which the body cannot digest), limiting carbohydrate intake often means not getting enough fibre. Constipation is therefore the main unwanted side-effect of traditional protein diets. In the RainPharma diet vegetables are on the menu from day one – in fact, they are an essential part of it – in order to keep fibre intake at safe levels, naturally. The diet also includes Wonder Powder, a fibre mix formulated specifically to maintain healthy gut bacteria. Keeping the intestines healthy ensures that gut microorganisms remain in balance, in turn helping to keep stools normal and regular. In fact, the diet not only helps prevent constipation but it is beneficial for other intestinal complaints too.

8. Loosing weight quickly is bad for the body.

Weight loss affects the body in various ways. Blood pressure returns to normal, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are reduced, stress on the joints is relieved and you feel fitter in general. Even so, there are some short-term processes whose effects are less pleasant. This is true of every diet, but with ‘rapid results’ diets they are noticeable more quickly and the body works harder to cope with them. This is why RainPharma nutritional supplements contain more than just vitamins and fat-burning ingredients. All RainPharma nutritional supplements are formulated to help the body cope with weight-loss processes. For example, High Tech AOX helps isolate and eliminate the toxins and free radicals released from fat stores.

9. Protein-rich diets contain too much fat and cholesterol.

Some diets require you to consume protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and eggs several times a day. Some call for up to five portions of these foods daily, sometimes quite large ones. And in addition to proteins they also involve high levels of calories, saturated fats and cholesterol. By contrast, the RainPharma diet calls for reasonable portions of meat, fish or eggs, on average every other day, along with pure protein supplements. These are not only free from cholesterol but are also very low in fat (with less than 1g of saturated fat), free from gluten and casein and contain no aspartame, polyols, artificial colouring/flavouring or preservatives. And they certainly do not contain any of the residual hormones and drugs – among other things – typically found in some meat and fish products.

10. Diets result in sluggish metabolism.

Eating too little or skipping meals can cause the metabolism to slow down and will ultimately hinder weight loss in spite of fewer calories being consumed. On the RainPharma diet you eat five times daily, with two generous portions of vegetables included every single day. On average this amounts to more than 500g of vegetables a day, but it could be as much as 2.5 kilos depending on which ones you choose. Eating small amounts at regular intervals is the key to keeping the metabolism active. The RainPharma diet will not slow down your metabolism. Remember: rapid weight loss only occurs briefly in the diet, and serves only to get off to a quick and motivating start.

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