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Bring nature into your home with this fantastic box. This great value starter set includes the seven most popular fragrances in our collection of essential oils as well as three exclusive blends. 

Perfect for creating endless variations and combinations, to ensure your home always smells wonderful. Each bottle contains 30 ml of pure essential oil, equivalent to about 600 scented droplets, straight from nature. This box offers you 6000 droplets of essential oil, enough to keep your home smelling great month after month after month, 24 hours a day! Keep your bottles next to your Aurora Aroma Diffuser from RainPharma, choose the scent that fits your mood at any moment and fill your whole house with a wonderful fragrance. You can also use the bottle to refill your RainPharma Room Sprays, in combination with RainPharma Natural Room Spray Liquid. To add a fragrance to some of our neutral care products, ask your RainPharma specialist for advice. 

Essential oils should never be used on your skin in a high concentration or come into direct contact with your skin. Essential oil is a precious, highly concentrated liquid obtained from the petals, leaves, roots and stems of real plants, flowers and herbs via distillation.

1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Eucalyptus
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Lemongrass
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Lavender
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Orange
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Pink Grapefruit
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Cedarwood
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Lemon
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Magic 11
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Bonjour
1 x 30 ml Essential Oil Bonsoir

Eucaluptus eucalyptus globulus leaf oil. Lemongrass cymbopogon citratus leaf oil. Lavender lavandula angustifolia herb oil. Orange citrus sinensis peel oil. Pink Grapefruit citrus paradisi peel oil. Cedarwood cedrus atlantica bark oil. Lemon citrus limon peel oil. Magic 11 essential oil blend. Bonjour essential oil blend. Bonsoir essential oil blend.