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At RainPharma, we developed a step-by-step facial care plan. In six simple steps, from a to f, you'll conjure up a healthy and clean face that doesn't feel dry. You use our natural facial care products in alphabetical order, from a to f. The first letter of the product name reveals the order.


At RainPharma, we don't distinguish between face cream for men and facial care for women. After all, everyone has sensitive skin, which needs gentle but thorough cleansing and care. Therefore, our moisturizing cream is for everyone. A moisturizer helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth. A moisturizer for oily skin or a moisturizer for dry skin forms a protective layer on the skin's surface, preventing moisture loss and restoring its natural moisture balance. In addition, a moisturizer often contains ingredients that nourish and soothe the skin, such as vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils. Daily use of a moisturizer keeps the skin soft, smooth and healthy, and prevents dehydration and flaking. In addition, a moisturizer can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking younger and more radiant.


Our famous double cleansing method (Amazing Oil Cleanser/Advanced Precleanser and Dedicated Face Wash) forms the basis of your facial care. In addition, it's best to exfoliate two to three times a week with one of our face scrubs, Brightening Face Scrub or Balming Face Polish. These face scrubs based on oil balls from natural oils gently remove dead skin cells for a clean face that does not feel dry. To complement your face care, also use a face mask several times a week. Take your pick from Creamy Hydra Mask, Comforting Clay Mask and Charcoal Detox Mask. After double cleansing your face and possibly applying a scrub or mask, spray Elementary Toning Mist over your face. This natural facial toner helps to balance your skin after contact with water.

As the final step of your facial care, apply one of our face creams (these start with the letter F). Faithful Face Guard is our best-selling face cream. This 4-in-1 cream is both face serum, eye cream and day and night cream. We recommend using a moisturizer every day.


Whether it's winter or summer, a summer glow is always nice. Stay Golden, our facial self-tanner, is a great addition to your facial care routine. The natural self-tanner gives you an even, sun-kissed and rested complexion and brings out the natural strength and beauty of your skin. The perfect finishing touch to your facial care!


In our range we have different moisturizer care sets. Choose classic ABCDEF or Let's Face it to make yourself or someone you love happy with the full RainPharma facial ritual. In addition, we also have several 2 + 1 sets and advantage sets of our bestsellers. You can always combine it with a day cream. The choice is yours!


Would you like to try a moisturizer in our facial care collection? Or would you like advice on which moisturizer suits you? You can! Visit a RainPharma store to find your moisturizer. You can find one near you via our store locator. Maybe you’re also interested in our protein shakes, store locator, bad massage oil or shampoo or shower gel.