RainPharma has won several prizes in recent years, and that is something that we are proud to announce. The following is a list of some of the most prestigious beauty awards that we have been proud to receive.

Pure Shampoo
In 2018, our Pure Shampoo was unanimously proclaimed best haircare product by the editorial teams at Feeling, Gael, Flair, Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui. A great honour! Why? All the jury members had this shampoo in their bathrooms and they all loved it!

This natural shampoo makes your hair shiny and soft, but also ensures more volume and less hair loss. Thanks to its extra concentrated formula, a little of this shampoo goes a long way and you have less waste.


Prebiotic Skin Lotion
Just like last year, we won the SenseSations Beauty Award for the best Belgian product. This time Prebiotic Skin Lotion received the award. The innovative nature of this fully plant-based formula convinced the entire editorial team. Prebiotic Skin Lotion respects the skin’s natural function and its microbiome: a very promising field of research in which RainPharma is taking the lead, according to the jury.

Prebiotic Skin Lotion nourishes, protects and calms the skin by stimulating good bacteria and slowing down bad ones. This means that Prebiotic Skin Lotion also has an instant positive effect on any unwanted body odours. 


Sacred Seven Body Repair Oil
In 2017, Weekend Knack and Weekend Le Vif chose our dry body oil as the best body product.


Aromatherapy Essentials
Feeling and Gael designated our natural shower gels and hand soaps as the best Belgian beauty products. Soon afterwards both products were again awarded top marks by both readers and the professional jury of Nina and Het Laatste Nieuws.


Fascinating Broccoli Seed Oil
In 2015, Flair magazine chose our renowned, all-round broccoli oil as its top beauty product.