Balance Program

Together with a team of experts, we set out to find a compromise. The good things about the protein diet were kept, the wrong images and crazy eating patterns with bars and biscuits were scrapped. The result: Balance Programme

What is the Balance Program?

A total concept where real, pure, unprocessed food is central and that teaches you how your body works and what it is best to eat and not eat in order to do so. With the Balance Programme, you will be guided by a RainPharma nutritionist or dietician who will work with you through the 3 phases of the programme.


In the first phase of the Balance Programme, you work towards an optimal weight for your body. By combining healthy eating with tools like shakes and supplements, you'll quickly shed your excess kilos. That makes for a motivating start! After 10 days you come for your first check-up, then every 14 days. When you reach your target weight, the first phase ends. This can be after just one week. Either way, the first phase never lasts longer than 12 weeks.


In the second phase, you gradually switch to new, healthy diet over 9 weeks. During weekly check-ups, your RainPharma expert will tell you which foods to watch out for. This is how you develop a new, balanced and healthy diet and ensure that your weight remains stable.


In the third and final phase of the programme, you will learn to maintain your new weight and renewed vitality. You come in every month for a weight check with special measuring equipment. We apply a margin of two kilograms of fat mass. If you stay within this margin, you are fine. If you slip up, you can quickly make adjustments again. A short, slightly tighter period will bring you back to your desired weight. By letting your new weight fluctuate as little as possible for a year, your body adapts physically. This makes it easier to maintain this weight in the future.

Balance box

You can only purchase the Balance Box at a physical outlet because this programme is supervised by a nutritionist or dietician. What's in it?

You save 15% with the Balance Box compared to individual products.

RainPharma nutritionist or dietician

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Philosophy: How did we come up with the Balance Programme?

You may be very curious about where the Balance Programme concept came from. The Balance Programme has been around for over 10 years. Ten years ago, protein diets were wildly popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. With a classic protein diet, you can lose a lot of weight in the short term. And admittedly, for people struggling with obesity and deciding they want to leave those excess kilos behind, that's a fine thing.

We at RainPharma did ask ourselves certain questions about this. Can it really be healthy if all you eat is 'fake food'? Just shakes and just diet bars? And then what will you do when the diet is over. Do you then just reach back for a coffee and a croissant? What did you learn then? It's comfortable though... but isn't it true that great results never come from comfort zones?

And what about all those hard-to-digest proteins in those kinds of products, for example casein and gluten, what does that give you in the long run?

But the image that was created also bothered us: all slim people happily biting into an apple, having a piece of fake chocolate and dancing happily with centimetre ribbons. As if you can only be happy or a good person if you are slim. That doesn't make the world a better place.

On the other hand: someone who wants to be (very) slim, that too is a perfect choice. Above all, let us never judge other people in general. But in the end, being overweight can also bring health problems. Apart from the fact that you shouldn't discriminate against anyone for this, that fact cannot be denied either.

On Instagram, you often see healthy slim people who look good calling out that you just need to exercise more and eat differently. Perhaps no offense, but isn't that a bit frustrating for people for whom it is not easy to keep those kilos under control? Because they are genetically the way they are, they don't know what to do, the road is still too long, they just don't feel like it, ...

Quirky as we are at RainPharma, we thus sought a compromise. We kept the good things about the protein diet (nowadays it's called a keto diet) but stayed far away from a false image on the one hand and a crazy diet with bars and biscuits, diet chips on the other. So typical RainPharma.

This is how we developed the RainPharma shakes. The highest quality proteins, without casein and gluten, without preservatives and artificial colours. Some without sweetener or with stevia, others with sweetener to bridge the gap. We can't take everything away from someone right away, we also want to remain realistic.

We chose to commit from day 1 to real, pure, unrestricted food and not to shake pure for several weeks. Then we taught people that the shakes are not replacement meals. Your meal is your excess fats and the big pile of vegetables and other pure foods. To get the keto process going, we did have to cut carbs, like fruit for example. Anyway, that's just how the natural biochemical process works in our bodies. So the proteins serve to protect muscle mass and thus prevent the yo-yo effect. The supplements are also a huge added value.

But that's not all. Even if you protect muscle mass with quality shakes and eat pure and unprocessed ... it is still no guarantee that someone will maintain their weight as a matter of course after a few weeks or months of 'dieting'. That takes a behavioural change (different habits) and time. It takes at least a year for your body to want to accept the new weight. Hence, we work with Part 2, the "silvering period" and Part 3, the "rule of two". So more than 80% of the Balance Programme is about guiding and sustaining good habits. The first particle, the "weight-loss period" is negligible, but a motivating start. Because let's face it: if you want to lose weight (which is usually a positive choice), you don't want to take years to do it either. Some people with a very long breath might do it, but 99.9% of people - let's be honest - might not.