About us


RainPharma is a Belgian company, and we're proud of that. We create products for radiant skin, a healthy weight, and a strong body. Our products are the ultimate finishing touch for any space: from the entryway to the bedroom, and from the bathroom to the dining room. We want you to feel comfortable at home and fully enjoy your me-time, while also giving a warm welcome to your loved ones and guests. 

Our Origins

As a recent graduate, Dominique Bastin started working at his father's wellness center. He immediately questioned the health and care products available on the market. Why are so many products being sold that don't genuinely contribute to people's well-being and health? And why are we importing products from the other side of the world when we could produce them right here?

These questions and the quest for answers led him to found RainPharma in 2006. Initially, Dominique introduced two dietary supplements to the market. Today, RainPharma is a holistic brand with an extensive collection, including supplements, shakes, skincare, makeup, essential oils, and home fragrances.

The mission and vision with which Dominique Bastin founded RainPharma still define the values we stand for today: no-nonsense products for beautiful skin, a healthy weight, a strong body, and a fragrant home.

Our greatest passion is helping you become the best version of yourself.


Our headquarters in Herent is the beating heart of RainPharma. This is where ideas for new products are born. These ideas are then developed into formulas and products. We collaborate with local production workshops to keep the supply chain as short as possible.

For packaging, we also choose Belgian companies. The distance a finished and packaged product travels from the factory (which operates on green energy) to your doorstep is never more than two hours, and often much less. Thanks to our concentrated formulas, we also minimize transportation as much as possible.

Cocoa beans don’t grow in Belgium, yet we still consider our chocolate a Belgian product.

Are we 100% Belgian? Strictly speaking, no. Most raw materials and some packaging or accessories come from outside our borders. This isn’t surprising considering Belgium is a small country with limited resources. After all, we can’t make everything out of endives, just like Belgium’s famous chocolate. Cocoa beans don’t grow in Belgium, yet we still consider our chocolate a true Belgian product. Regardless, we always choose the shortest possible distance. What we can't source in Belgium, we first seek in our neighboring countries, and we prefer European raw materials whenever possible.

Our Philosophy

We choose a deliberately holistic approach, from the inside out, to help you feel your best. When you care for your body from within, it will reflect on the outside. A healthy body and radiant skin start from the inside.

You can break it down into four steps:

Step 1: Dietary Supplements

RainPharma began with a range of dietary supplements, which still form the foundation of all our skincare and nutritional programs. They are like the roots of a healthy and beautiful body.

Step 2: Protein Shakes

These provide strength and reinforce the foundation, much like the stem of a flower. Only with a strong base can you continue to flourish.

Step 3: Skincare Line

This encompasses everything you see on the outside. It’s what you notice first and want to keep looking beautiful for as long as possible. Our products support you in this, from head to toe. Since 2022, we've also added a collection of natural makeup to complete the picture.

Step 4: Aromatherapy Line

Scents play a crucial role and have a significant impact on your mood. That’s why our collection includes a wide range of essential oils, room sprays, and related products.

At RainPharma, sustainability is literally in our DNA. To further align with the sustainability themes that are close to our heart, we have linked our values with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Concentrated formulas
We choose concentrated formulas that are economical in use. A prime example of this is our RainPharma Skin Washes. Did you know that a traditional shower gel primarily consists of water that is thickened to create a gel or cream? All that water not only leads to unnecessary transportation but also results in a formula where you need to use much more to achieve the same result. The consequence? You have to buy a new bottle more quickly, there is more transportation involved, and significantly more waste is generated. It's a waste, considering water comes straight from the tap—so why bottle and transport it?

With RainPharma Skin Washes, we opt for super-concentrated formulas that contain no water (except for the water naturally present in certain ingredients). You add the water yourself by simply turning on the tap.

It is more than ever crucial to take care of our planet.

A single drop of RainPharma Skin Wash is enough to wash your hands. Just half to a full pump is sufficient to wash your entire body from head to toe. This means that a small 100 ml bottle of RainPharma Skin Wash is equivalent to 1 liter of traditional shower gel. Our larger 500 ml bottles are equivalent to an impressive 5 liters. In our collection, you'll find bottles ranging from 60 ml to 1 liter, so you can choose the size that best suits your needs.

The Best Ingredients

Good ingredients form the cornerstone of our products. We strive to use local raw materials from Belgium and Europe as much as possible. Occasionally, we need to source ingredients from further afield due to the necessity of certain tropical ingredients that simply do not grow here. For instance, when we need oranges, we choose Spain over Argentina. While the latter may be cheaper, we aim to minimize our transportation distance.

By opting for European ingredients, we have greater control over the origin and quality of our products. We can ensure that the working conditions in the supply chain align with RainPharma's values. Additionally, shorter transport distances lead to reduced delivery times and fewer disruptions in transportation.

When we need oranges, for example, we choose Spain over Argentina. Although the latter option might be cheaper, we aim to keep our transportation distances as short as possible.

Just as important as the ingredients we use are the ones we avoid. For instance, our scrubs never contain microplastics; instead, we opt for natural alternatives like raw cane sugar or jojoba beads. For our sunscreen, we have chosen a completely mineral filter.

We also strive to make our products as plant-based as possible. We use animal-derived ingredients only when no equally effective plant-based alternative exists. Currently, the number of products in our collection that are not 100% vegan is limited to five supplements and a few protein shakes. For example, Dynamic Q10 contains beeswax, we use fish oil in Ultra Omega 3 and Omega Zen, fish collagen in A.A.P., beef collagen in GOODstuff by Elodie x RainPharma, and some of our protein shakes are based on whey protein, which is derived from cow’s milk. We aim to make our products accessible to as many people as possible and continually work to improve our formulas.

Equality & inclusivity

RainPharma is a close-knit and diverse family where everyone can be themselves and grow together. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we wish success for each and every one.

Gender-neutral & diversity

Gender neutrality and equality are deeply embedded in the DNA of RainPharma. We aim to reflect these values in our products as well. Daily skin cleansing and care are not activities exclusive to any gender, even though such beliefs persist in European culture. Every skin type requires care and attention.

That’s why we design products and treatments that cater to all skin types and concerns. Our goal is to offer effective solutions for everyone, regardless of gender.

At the end of 2022, we launched our natural makeup line. More than skincare products, makeup is often labeled as "feminine." Through our campaign, we challenge this outdated notion. Both men and women shine in the photos as the best versions of themselves. After all, we all like to look our best, don’t we?

Social engagement

Since the very beginning, we have regularly collaborated with specialized companies, primarily for assembling gift boxes. Their expertise and flexibility, combined with their local roots, make them ideal partners for us. We are pleased and proud to engage people who face challenges in accessing the job market through these collaborations.

But we go even further. For many years, RainPharma has also recruited individuals through IBO (Individual Professional Training) programs. This system provides people who struggle to find stable employment with the opportunity to receive on-the-job training within our company.