Professional customers

Are you interested in adding RainPharma products to the assortment in your shop? If so, give us a call on +32 (0)16 22 43 30 or drop us a line at We would like to invite you to visit our main office in Louvain so you can find out more about us and our products. We will also send you a link that you can use to set up an account on our online ordering platform for professionals.

We have deliberately decided not to work with representatives and not to attend trade shows. RainPharma prefers grow organically, through word of mouth. In this way, we can develop a network of distributers who share our philosophy and who will sell RainPharma products with heart and soul.

We divide our professional customers into various categories. Depending on what type of business you have, you will have access to a particular range of our products or to all products.

We supply our products to the following categories of professionals (end users and sales points):

Professional customers with a reseller account:

  • must visit our main office
  • depending on their concept, are expected to complete one or more multi-day product training sessions (we can provide tailor-made solutions for our foreign customers)
  • this type of account is geared towards reselling our products to consumers
  • RainPharma reserves the right to refuse a professional account if the account request is not in line with our brand strategy

You may request one of the following account types:

Baby Shop
A baby deserves special attention. Do you have a baby shop and would you like to complete your range with mild baby products that also look cute? Then our baby line in collaboration with Eva Mouton is the ideal choice for you.

Concept store
If your shop sells a range of fun products and you would like to add a range of natural wellness products to the mix, then the RainPharma assortment will take you in any direction: from bath and shower products to basic facial skincare products.

Spa & Beauty
Beautiful skin comes just as much from within as from what you put on its surface. Our skincare products and the nutritional supplements that work in harmony with them provide a complete skincare package for your customers.

From skincare to nutritional supplements to diet products: pharmacists have access to our entire range of products.

This account is available only to healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists and dieticians who would like to offer the entire RainPharma assortment to their patients, with the exception of the professional skincare range.

Pascale Naessens Pure Nature
Do you have a garden centre, decoration boutique or a shop that already sells other Pascale Naessens products? Then her natural products "Pure Nature" will certainly be a nice addition to your collection!  

Medi Spa
A Medi Spa combines all RainPharma products for a holistic approach. This account is available only to professional diet and nutritional coaches and those offering professional skincare treatments. This account allows you to include all of our product ranges in your assortment.

Hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts …
Premium, all-natural Belgian products are a great way to upgrade your customer service, including:

  • Hand soaps and lotions for washrooms (including theft-resistant wall mountings)
  • Room sprays and ultrasonic scent diffusers to add a lovely natural scent to any space
  • Everything you need for the shower and bath, from plant-based shower gels, shampoo and conditioner to body lotion

In-company and corporate gifts
Pamper your employees or customers to the fullest with a unique, premium-quality wellness gift. Available from 50 units or more, or contact one of our sales points for smaller volume orders. Our store locator can identify the sales point nearest you.

Offices and stores
Would you like to use our mild hand soaps to wash your hands at work? Or welcome your customers with a soothing natural scent? Or would you like to treat visitors to a moment of wellness in your washroom? If so, having our premium Belgian skincare products in your office or store will be your way of providing perfect service.