Relaxation and results

Treat your skin, your spirit and your senses to the luxurious benefits of a professional RainPharma facial treatment in a beauty salon. Relaxation and efficiency go hand in hand, with respect for the complex needs of your skin.

Face masks are completely plant-based and are blended on the spot according to the specific requirements of your skin at that moment. Colours range from yellow, orange, red, green and brown to snow white and deep black, depending on the mineral and plant ingredients. The result: you leave with glowing, perfectly balanced skin that is comfortable for days afterwards!

A RainPharma facial treatment is a deeply relaxing moment of pampering or a major rejuvenation for your face, every four to six weeks. If you would like to achieve even better results, opt for a two-month curative programme and for eight weeks enjoy a different intense, tailor-made facial treatment every other week. Combine with specific products at home and our tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What you will see is the best possible version of yourself: no camouflage, just noticeably healthier skin that truly glows, feels comfortable and is perfectly balanced. Are you ready? Book your programme today and get ready to hear the compliments just two months from now!

RainPharma takes a holistic approach. Of course, it is important to apply the right products to your skin, but to ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs you also need to treat it from the inside out. This is why we combine our skincare products with innovative nutritional supplements. We will help you determine the right things to eat and drink to improve your skin. And you can be sure that you will see and feel the difference!

A RainPharma facial treatment lasts from 60 to 90 minutes (excluding the introductory assessment) and the recommended price is €75 to €90 depending on the duration. Special reductions apply when you purchase a series of treatments in advance.

Use our store locator to find locations near you where you can enjoy a RainPharma facial treatment or receive additional information.