Home scent

Natural Room Spray Pine (100 ml)


The woody scent of fresh twigs and pine needles from the pine tree has the invigorating effect of a forest walk. The fresh, spicy, and resinous perfume is extremely revitalizing.

Infuse fragrant touches of nature into your home. Natural scents bring ambiance into the home and have a positive effect on your mood. Natural Room Spray is a natural home fragrance based on premium essential oils that allows you to give each corner of your home a suitable scent. Choose the right scent for each room and scatter the bottles throughout the house.

A few sprays are enough to immerse the space in the right atmosphere or to quickly get rid of unpleasant odors. You can also safely and naturally perfume your pillowcases or other textiles with Natural Room Spray.

Contains: Pinus sylvestris bark extract.