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With our Room Sprays you can fill every room with the scents of nature. This is how you make your house really feel like home. 

Want to use natural fragrances in your home? You can choose from nearly 30 different Room Sprays. In this set you’ll find the foundations of your collection: Lemongrass to get rid of bad smells or as an instant happiness boost, Cedarwood for a warm and cosy atmosphere or to scare away moths, and welcoming Sage which smells like a beautiful flower shop, and according to legend it can also ward off bad spirits! It won’t hurt to try ;-) 

Add a personal touch to each part of your home: 

  1. Set up the wooden stand in an attractive place. In the living room as a stylish eye catcher? On the toilet so that everyone can choose their fragrance themselves? In the hall as a welcome? In the bathroom to complete your spa experience?
  2. You can add extra bottles to your collection. Place the stand in the living room and spread individual bottles around the house.
  3. Is the Room Spray bottle empty? Then you can easily fill it up yourself with Natural Room Spray Liquid and your favourite essential oil. Transfer 2.5 to 5 ml of essential oil into the Room Spray bottle using the pipette included in the packaging with the full-sized bottle. We also have handy funnels which are just the right size for the bottles. Top up with Natural Room Spray Liquid. Then you’re ready to spray! 

Place a whole series of Room Sprays in the toilet and make the smallest room in the house the place to be. At the RainPharma offices, visitors can choose between all 30 fragrances. This makes a visit to the toilet a special experience!

1 x 50 ml Room Spray Lemongrass
1 x 50 ml Room Spray Cedarwood
1 x 50 ml Room Spray Sage
1 x Wooden stand for 3 Room Sprays

Room Spray Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus oil.
Room Spray Cedarwood Cedrus deodara wood oil.
Room Spray Sage Salvia officinalis oil.