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Whether you’re a long-time RainPharma fan or a curious starter, what better way to build up your collection than with our most popular products? These ten star products are all absolute favourites. You’ll have everything you need to care for your body from top to toe. Ready for your natural metamorphosis?

Advanced Precleanser (20ml) The RainPharma skincare range consists of six steps, from A to F. Advanced Precleanser is an oil cleanser that forms the first step in your double cleansing method. Massage the gel into dry skin to loosen fat-soluble particles. Then rinse off with water.

Brightening Face Scrub (10 ml) This soft scrub made with jojoba beads respects the complexity of your skin. Dead skin cells are removed without damage to your skin barrier. Massage the scrub into damp skin using circular movements, then rinse well. Repeat once or twice a week for soft skin. Love this scrub? It’s so gentle on your skin that you can use it daily, without your skin becoming irritated or unbalanced.

Dedicated Face Wash (20 ml) Our water-based cleanser is the second step in your double cleansing method. This cleanser removes water-based dirt particles in no time. Massage a small amount into damp skin using circular movements. Allow to foam slightly then rinse well.

Elementary Toning Mist (25 ml) Water can be tough on skin. This purifying water-free water takes gentle care of your skin whenever it is been in contact with water. Spray the mist generously over face after cleansing, then blot off with a cotton pad or cloth. Your skin is now ready for your regular day or night cream.

Faithful Face Guard (10 ml) Are you ready for a revolution in skincare? We like to keep things simple here at RainPharma. This incredible 4-in-1 formula is a day and night cream, serum and eye treatment in one. Apply a small amount to cleansed skin morning and evening.

Skin Wash Lemongrass (60 ml) A relaxing shower is the perfect way to unwind. With a plant-based shower gel, your skin will benefit from this daily ritual too. This shower gel will clean your skin without drying it out. Thanks to the concentrated formula (around 50 uses*), you only need a small amount to wash your whole body. The fresh fragrance of lemongrass has an energising effect. Not suitable for use on the face.

Classic After Oil (60 ml) This aromatic skin oil has been a fan favourite for years, and with good reason! This oil is the perfect way to care for your skin and save time in the shower too. Apply to damp skin and rinse briefly. Just pat dry, dress and you’re ready to go. The invigorating fragrance of fresh citrus fruits lifts your mood in an instant.

Balancing Shampoo (60 ml) This mild, concentrated shampoo (around 50 uses*) contains an innovative scalp invigorator that gently and thoroughly cleanses, calms and protects your skin. The preconditioner nourishes your locks and the glossy formula gives you a healthy and shiny head of hair. Wet your hair well, rub a small amount of shampoo between your hands to create a lather and massage into your scalp. Leave in for a little while then rinse thoroughly.

Detangling Conditioner (20 ml) Does your hair feel dry and brittle? Do you want to restore its natural shine? This fantastic conditioner nourishes, strengthens and protects while making your hair easy to comb. Apply the conditioner to wet hair after washing. Apply to the lengths of your hair and leave to work. Comb your hair through while you’re still in the shower. Rinse thoroughly and comb again once you’re out of the shower.

Repair & Protect Foot Balm (20 ml) Our feet deserve just as much care and attention as the rest of our bodies. This foot balm will soften dry patches and combat calluses. Natural mint oils prevent unpleasant odours and help take a load off tired feet, so you feel like you’re literally walking on air. Apply the foot balm to clean, dry feet to enjoy the softening and cooling effect.