Aromatherapy Essentials

Every body happy


Showering with RainPharma is a unique experience. With this set you can turn your daily shower into a wonderful spa treatment. 

An energetic morning shower, a refreshing break, or a moment of relaxation before going to sleep? Our 100% plant-based Skin Washes with essential oils immerse you in the right atmosphere every time. You can choose between nearly 30 natural fragrances, each with its specific qualities. With this premium shower set you’ve already got your hands on our two bestsellers. Put them both in the shower and choose the one that best fits your mood. Will you go for uplifting Lemongrass, or refreshing Eucalyptus? These two Skin Washes are the start of your collection. Discover more fragrances at your RainPharma point of sale. 

Team washcloth or team sponge?
Natural shower gels don’t foam much. This is why you’ll find both Liu’s Magic Sponge, a natural konjac sponge, and the Body Wonder Towel, a Japanese-inspired washcloth, in this box, in order to turn the plant-based formulas into beautiful clouds of foam. Liu’s Magic Sponge ensures very gentle cleansing. You can use the sponge for 1 to 3 months. Read the instructions on the box carefully because it lasts longer if used in the right way. The Body Wonder Towel gives your body a gentle scrub as you shower and is also perfect for washing your back. The washcloth will last for years. If the set is just for you, then you can alternate between the sponge and the washcloth. If you’re sharing the set, decide who uses the sponge and who uses the washcloth. 

Enjoy endless wonderful showers, for one or two: 

  1. Wet the washcloth or sponge well and squirt one pump of Skin Wash on it. Knead well to mix the highly concentrated formula with water and make it foam. This allows you to create a natural cloud of foam that you can use to wash a whole family!
  2. These little bottles are the perfect size to take with you for a weekend away or in your sports bag. But don’t be fooled: with one 100 ml bottle you can shower every day for nearly 3 months!
  3. Our Skin Washes cleanse your body gently but are not suitable for the face. Your RainPharma specialist will be happy to tell you more about our face products.

1 x 100ml Skin Wash Eucalyptus
1 x 100ml Skin Wash Lemongrass
1 x Liu’s Magic Sponge
1 x Body Wonder Towel

Skin Wash Eucalyptus coco-glucoside, glycerin/aqua/sodium levulinate/sodium anisate, eucalyptus globulus leave oil*, coco-glucoside/glyceryl oleate, glycerin, citric acid, PCA glyceryl oleate, xanthan gum, sodium phytate, limonene*. * from natural essential oils. Skin Wash Lemongrass coco-glucoside, glycerin/aqua/sodium levulinate/sodium anisate, cymbopogon citratus leave oil*, citral*, coco-glucoside/glyceryl oleate, glycerin, citric acid, PCA glyceryl oleate xanthan gum, sodium phytate, geraniol*, limonene*, linalool*, citronellol*. * from natural essential oils.

100% plant-based