Foot care

High Performance Foot File


RainPharma creates natural products that make you more beautiful and healthier inside and out. With our foot care range, we give you beautiful feet that can be seen and touched.

Besides specialised foot care products, RainPharma developed a few stylish accessories for the ultimate pedicure experience at home. This premium foot file with large working surface, together with the Never Ending Circle1 (our designer foot bath), forms your basic equipment.

Ready for the RainPharma foot ritual?

1. Fill the Never Ending Circle1 (or any other foot bath) with warm water.

2. Add 20 ml Revitalising Foot Bath Oil and soak your feet for a while.

3. Remove your feet from the water one by one and use the High Performance Foot File.

4. Scrub each foot for at least 1 minute with Charcoal Detox Foot Scrub.

5. Afterwards, wash your feet with Skin Wash Peppermint on your Body Wonder Towel.

6. Massage your feet (or have them massaged) with Refreshing Foot Massage Oil and pat dry without rinsing.

7. Finish with Repair & Protect Foot Balm (refreshing and caring) or Intensive Recovery Wax (intensely caring).

8. Apply Freshen Down foot deo every day before putting on socks and shoes.