Liu’s Magic Sponge


Maintain your skin’s natural balance. Use this magic sponge each day on your face and body, together with RainPharma’s plant-based cleansers. The result? Thoroughly cleansed skin that glows with health. A real detox treatment for a smooth and radiant complexion.

The skin is the only organ that requires thorough cleansing. Mild skincare products are essential to respect the skin’s natural balance and avoid problems such as dryness and spots. Used in tandem with RainPharma’s plant-based shower gel or facial cleanser, this natural sponge cleans the skin gently and without causing dryness. This is a daily regimen that respects your skin’s complex needs and the best step towards soft, clean and balanced skin.

Liu’s Magic Sponge is 100% natural. Using a combination of active charcoal and dietary
fibres from the konjac plant, we have created an unbelievably soft, purifying sponge. Used daily, it will restore the skin’s natural softness and glow. Suitable for babies. Sponges should be replaced every two to three months.

  1. Moisten the Liu’s Magic Sponge to swell and soften it.
  2. Apply RainPharma’s natural shower gel or facial cleanser to the Liu’s Magic Sponge.
  3. Use to massage face and/or body.
  4. Rinse Liu’s Magic Sponge and allow it to air-dry until your next shower or bath.