RainPharma is a Belgian company, and we are proud of it. We invent and produce products for a radiant skin, a healthy weight and a strong body.

Our products are the ultimate finishing touch for any interior: from the entrance hall to the bedroom and from the bathroom to the dining room. We want you to feel comfortable at home and fully able to enjoy your me-time while making your loved ones and guests feel warmly welcomed. Join us, discover our world, and inspire yourself to turn your house into a home. 

Decor 01 

Decor 02 

Decor 03 

Decor 04 

Decor 05 

Decor 06 

Decor 07

Decor 08 

1. Full Moon Theater

Decor 09 

Decor 10

Decor 11

Decor 12 

Decor 13

1. Essential Oil Frankincense

2. Essential Oil Mandarin

3. Essential Oil Geranium

4. Precious Bath Oil

5. Skin Wash Lavender

6. Creamy Hydra Mask

Decor 15 

Decor 16

1. Full Moon Theater

2. RainPharma Shake

3. Inside Out

Decor 18 

Decor 20 

1. Aurora Diffuser