Aurora Diffuser

Aurora Base


Use the Aurora Diffuser to diffuse hints of nature in your home for hours. This base device fills with water and essential oil and plugs into the wall socket. As soon as you switch on the Aurora Diffuser, it silently diffuses a fragrant, white, dry and cold mist. The water does not need to heat up, but immediately atomises by ultrasonic waves.

Via the Smart Touch button, you control the three mist modes and five brightness levels.

The capacity is 1.3 litres.

The Aurora Diffuser consists of two parts. This product is only the base unit. Combine with coloured Aurora Glass Sleeve. 

User instructions:

  1. Plug your Aurora Diffuser into the socket.
  2. Fill the water reservoir with clean, preferably purified water. Do not pour the water into the diffuser in the middle, but along the side. 
  3. Add a few drops of RainPharma essential oil to the water. By using more or fewer drops, you can determine whether you want an intense or a softer scent.
  4. Turn on the Aurora Diffuser and immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy.

Make sure the middle part, the mist conductor, is securely attached. Otherwise, water may seep in.

If there is no water in the water reservoir, do not turn on the Aurora Diffuser.

How do I fill the Aurora Diffuser with water?

  1. Remove the glass casing and the lid of the water reservoir.
  2. Fill the reservoir with water without removing the mist conductor. Adding water above the 'Max' line can cause the machine to overheat and become damaged.
  3. Replace the lid of the water reservoir and the glass casing, and touch the ON/OFF button to turn on the device.