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Body Wonder Towel


RainPharma has soaked up inspiration from Japan’s bathing culture. The Body Wonder Towel is a rectangular washcloth that enables you to scrub your back easily. With its lightly exfoliating texture, your favourite plant-based shower gel will foam luxuriously for a gentle scrub on your back. The result? Amazingly soft, smooth skin.

The sustainable, hygienic Body Wonder Towel is made of strong, quick-drying
fabric. Because you only need a little bit of shower gel, it is also gentle on your budget.

The Body Wonder Towel can be used in the bath or shower. Moisten the cloth and add a little plant-based shower gel. Create a foam, then massage over your entire body with circular movements. After use, rinse the cloth thoroughly and air-dry.

  1. Moisten the Body Wonder Towel.
  2. Apply RainPharma’s natural shower gel to the Body Wonder Towel.
  3. Use to massage the body.
  4. Rinse the Body Wonder Towel and allow it to air-dry until your next shower or bath.