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Big Love Eucalyptus


A wonderful shower is the ultimate relaxation. With a plant-based shower gel, you can ensure that your skin enjoys this daily ritual too. 

This shower gel only contains ingredients from natural and plant-based origins and is kind to your skin and the environment. The formula without soap or detergents cleans your skin without drying it out. You will notice that this shower gel foams much less than synthetic varieties and that is actually a good thing. Foam is good for blowing bubbles but not for cleaning an important organ like your skin. 

If you really do love foam, dispense one pump of shower gel onto the Body Wonder Towel and enjoy some fantastic natural bubbles. If you would like to use this mild, skin-friendly formula all day long, place Skin Wash next to your basin. One drop is enough to wash your hands very gently. Fancy a relaxed bath? Add a couple of pumps under the running water and enjoy a natural bubble bath! 

FRAGRANCE EXPERIENCE All RainPharma fragrances are completely natural and from renewable resources. Fresh leaves and twigs from the eucalyptus tree provide the intense fragrance. The distinctive strong, sharp camphor-like scent is very refreshing and cooling. If you would like to try a different fragrance, we have a wide range of alternatives. Visit a sales point and take your time discovering all the different fragrances.

1L Skin Wash Eucalyptus

coco-glucoside, glycerin/aqua/sodium levulinate/sodium anisate, eucalyptus globulus leave oil*, coco-glucoside/glyceryl oleate, glycerin, citric acid, PCA glyceryl oleate, xanthan gum, sodium phytate, limonene*. * from natural essential oils.

100% plant-based