Smart Nutrition Project

Do you sometimes lack energy and would like to dance more smoothly through the day? When you look in the mirror, do you see dull or blemished skin and would like to shine again? Have you gained one or two extra kilos and want to lose them, or do you want to finally get rid of excess kilos and reach your optimal weight? Smart Nutrition Project is a healthy break for a fresh start!

What is SNP?

The Smart Nutrition Project is a smart programme that will leave you buzzing with energy, your skin glowing and feeling fitter and lighter in your own skin. Healthy, unprocessed food forms the basis of your new lifestyle. In combination with some RainPharma tools, it will be a lot easier and more efficient to break with your bad eating habits. It is your support to healthy living habits in the long run. The nutrition programme is rich and varied, but of course you still need to be disciplined. In no time you will feel fitter, lighter and radiant!

Smart Nutrition Box

Everything you need can be found in the Smart Nutrition Box. With this box, you save as much as 15% compared to individual products.


Find your RainPharma expert through The RainPharma experts will guide you through our programmes and products. Not only the theory and basics are covered, but also the practical process.

Together towards a healthy lifestyle

Together is so much more fun and easier than alone. Contact your point of sale and follow the Smart Nutrition Project as a group. You will share experiences, tips and encouragement with each other. You will join in too, won't you?