Vulcanic Pumice Stone

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A well cared for body starts with the feet. But we often forget to give our feet the daily attention that they deserve. 

Do you ever feel embarrassed when you’re walking around in bare feet? RainPharma will make that feeling a distant memory. This natural stone will help you to remove calluses. Use it once to three times a week to ensure your feet always look soft and well cared for. This stone also looks great on the side of your bath or among the rest of the toiletries in your bathroom. Discover our other products for well looked after feet, RainPharma’s speciality.

  1. Soak your feet in warm water with a little Revitalising Foot Bath Oil for at least 5 minutes. Use the Never Ending Circle, RainPharma’s stylish foot bath.
  2. Rub the wet pumice stone in circular motions over the calluses on your feet. Use light to moderate pressure. If you have large calluses, repeat this process often rather than removing all the skin in one go.
  3. Rinse the stone and your feet regularly. All finished? Rinse the pumice stone well and leave it to dry. To clean the stone intensively, boil it in water with some vinegar for four minutes. For hygiene reasons, it’s best not to share your pumice stone with others.
  4. Finish with some Charcoal Detox Foot Scrub. Rinse off and wash your feet with Skin Wash Peppermint and the Body Wonder Towel for a refreshing effect.
  5. After scrubbing, your feet may feel a little dry. Use Intensive Recovery Wax to nourish your feet and keep them soft, then repeat this for a couple of days after removing the calluses